How to Get Google Review Link

How to Get Google Review Link

02/24/2023   Blog   Indy Web Design

Here are 3 ways you can get your Google review links to start getting reviews from customers.

  1. Google Business Profile
  2. BrightLocal
  3. Google Maps

Directly from your Google Business Profile

  1. Visit and choose the location you want to get the link for
  2. Once you are redirected, click on the dropdown caret under "Advertise".
  3. Click on "Ask for reviews"
  4. Copy the review link

This is the easiest and fastest way to get a review link, however if you have no access to your business profile, there's a method which comes next.

Using BrightLocal free Google Review Link & Place ID Generator

  1. Visit and start typing your business name and address.
  2. Click on the button "FETCH LINKS AND IDS"
  3. Copy the link for under "Get more reviews"
  4. Use a url shorterner to shorten your url. You can go to and create your account.

You can do 3 daily searches, however one should be enough to get the information you need.

Manually finding the placeid on Google Maps

  1. Visit and type your business name
  2. Once you find it, click on it

Unlike BrightLocal, you have no daily limits. BrightLocal some times doesn't find the right place and therefore you can't generate urls.