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Custom Built Website For Your Company's Needs

We deliver powerful and beautiful websites no matter which plan you're interested in purchasing. But purchasing a customized website means that you get the "look and feel" that you want for your website, along with all the features and functions you need!

A customized website ensures your complete satisfaction because it's based on the uniqueness of your requests.

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Website Design Process

How Our Web Development Company Assist Our Indianapolis Indiana Clients


We provide in-person, over the phone and virtual consultations. We want to meet or exceed your expectations, and the best way to accomplish that is by listening and understanding your goals.

We need to figure out what your budget is, or provide you with a customized quote. There's no obligation after we provide you an estimate, and we can get started on the spot or wait for you to look around and get additional quotes.

Website design process


After you accept our quote and make an initial commitment on your project, we start working on deadlines and a roadmap that will take us from the initial mockup if necessary, to the launch of your project. We'll detail the elements that will make up your website and present those to you in a simple, easy-to-understand layout.

We like working with deadlines for both sides, this way we ensure that things get done right on time. We like the saying "If you can't be on time be early", and we will do our best to accomplish that on every project.

Website planning process


Unlike website builder such as Wix and GoDaddy, we develop your project on its entirety. No need for technical knowledge! These systems usually only deliver mediocre websites, not one developed to its full potential.

There are features and systems that need to be tested, copywriting to be written and images that need optimization. Overall there are many technicalities which you don't need to worry about, because we will handle the entire project from start to finish.

Website development process


Once we get done with the programming, you get the first glimpse into your website. You get access to the frontend, and you can request changes (revisions). There's a limited amount of revisions you can request, however you can request as many changes per revision as possible.

Once you're satisfied with the changes and after final testing, the website is ready to go live whenever you want! All we need is the green light and we're good to go.

Website launch process

Custom Website Benefits


There are many website platforms, and we can help you create your website on most of them, from custom HTML and php to Shopify and WordPress. Our customized website design plan aims at giving you all the possible options.


Modern web browsers make websites function in many more ways than ever before, and whether you have a visual effect or functional feature in mind, we can help you develop it and use it on your custom website. Most features are possible!

User Experience (UX)

The best part of getting a custom website designed for your business is customization, and UX will ensure that you get exactly what you were looking for! Our team is ready to look at your UX requirements and create the website UX you want.


Website are much more than a marketing tool, and you can integrate many third party features and tools that can help you grow your business. Everything from CRMs, booking systems, plus much more. Take advantage of your website to the fullest.


You will not be limited to a "fixed" number of pages as with other plans. You will either tell us, or we will recommend a certain number of pages that we think will best fit your needs. Web pages boost SEO and provide more clarity as to your services.


The total cost of a website also includes a "fixed" number revisions, and if you want us to develop a website to your 100% your specifications, we can have limited number of revisions. Our customized plan allows you to add more if necessary.


Yes, we provide custom website design anywhere! We have clients all over the country, and some may be near Indianapolis Indiana. However you can rest assured the process is smooth and we deliver as promised.
Custom website design cost depends on many factors such as complexity, features, number of pages, etc. The best way to have a good idea is by contacting us directly. We'll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free estimate. Average cost start around $1,600.
Yes we have more affordable website design options! We offer many web design options, from a single page template to landing pages and more elaborated websites. Plan prices varies but they can range from a few hundred dollars to potentially thousands.
Custom website development will take longer than other websites. The more features, pages, features, etc, the longer it will take us to develop a website for you. You can rest assured we will get started on your project the moment you make your down payment. It usually takes between 5-8 weeks to complete, but delays arise once in a while.
Yes, for additional cost. We don't want to limit how many changes you request, however we only include up to 3 website revisions, any additional change comes at additional cost. However you can request as many changes as you want in every revision, so you got to plan carefully.
Absolutely! We will provide you with unlimited access to your website once we receive the final payment. The website is 100% yours and you can add unlimited number of pages or products.
We can, however there may be an additional cost. We will fix any issues that may arise within a 30-day period at no cost, however there will be an additional charge for creating additional pages, features, content, products, etc. Additional charges are agreed upon discussion of additional changes.
Yes. We guarantee that the website and its features are 100% bug-free or we will fix them at no cost. This guarantee is only good for 30-days and before any major WordPress, Theme and Plugin(s) update. Some major updates will break a website once in a while. This guarantee is voided the moment a third party vendor or developer makes any modifications. We also don't cover intentional or accidental changes such as deletion of pages or problems with your hosting company.
That depends on what platform your website was built. For example, there are 3 aspects of a WordPress website that may require updates for quality, performance and security reasons; The WordPress CMS, the WordPress Theme used for your website, and the WordPress Plugins. Shopify will handle updates on their own, and HTML websites are usually static.
Our hosting plans include minor website updates, website monitoring, security updates and other features. To find out more please visit our hosting page. For CMS, theme, builder, plugins or content updates and fixes, you will need to purchase one of our websmaster plans.

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