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Build Trust & Stay Within Your Budget!

Having a single page website isn't a "having something is better than nothing" scenario. A well designed and optimized website, no matter if it consists of a single page, will greatly help you in your long term goal of dominating your local search results.

Our single pages are optimized for speed and serve as much more than a digital business card, but the best part is that you can upgrade it as your business moves forward.

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Key Service Benefits

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Single Page Website Benefits

Business Information

Unlike a Facebook page or a Google Profile, a single page website allows you to share your most important business information without distractions. No competitor paid ads!

Custom Domain

Instead of promoting and growing a third party's brand (e.g. Facebook), you can use a custom domain name for you website that promotes your business. People will find it easier to memorize.


A combination of several factors will boost your search engine optimization or SEO, and an optimized website, even if it's a single page, as well as custom domain name are a few of them.

Map Results

If you run a local brick and mortar business, whether selling services or products, a single page will boost your Google maps visibility. Although it's not the only thing you need, it's one of them.


A website, no matter how big or small, will boost customer's confidence. A potential client will be happy to find additional information and channels to verify your business trustworthiness.


A single page website is just the foundation for something bigger, and we offer additional website design options that will fit your business growth and needs without causing confusion.


The main difference between a landing page and a single page plan is that the landing page is more customized, while the single page is from a single template.
Unfortunately that's not an option. The main purpose of a single page is to display the most important information about your business and sharing some static content.
No, however the information can be updated any time through a web form that is then submitted to our team. We will update the information.
Absolutely! We optimize pages and submit them to major search engines for indexing. We don't guarantee first spot or even first page because there are many other factors, however we know it will definitely help!
No, but we make purchase an option if you want to. The domain name is yours as long as you keep your subscription, and if you plan on cancelling or working with someone else and wish to use the same domain, you must plan this in advance and contact us directly. The domain name is locked with us 14 days before expiration and immediately after.
Prices vary. It comes down to what type of upgrades, features, number of pages, etc. you need. Contact us to find out more or check out our plans.