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There are a whopping 8.5 billion daily searches on Google, and of those, 1.6 billion are local searches!

Is your business taking advantage of this free Google service? We can help you make the best of it by setting up or fixing some common Google Business Profile issues!

Setting up a Google Business Profile can be difficult, and Google is getting better, but harder, at accepting new profiles. We can help! In addition, we can help you fix any problems you may have. Keep reading!

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Google Business Profile Issues


Setting up a new Google Business Profile is not easy anymore. Unfortunately many have taken advantage of this service, and in the process, made it harder for new business owners and freelancers. We can help you get setup and verified!


It happens to the best of us. We use weak passwords or compromise our devices, then suddenly someone gained access and we no longer have access to our accounts. Fortunately, Google gives us the option to claim any Google Business Profile!


Google is becoming more and more strict when it comes to who, and who doesn't, qualify for a business profile, and it may be a matter of time before your account is suspended due to "quality" issues. We can help you reinstate your suspended account!

Unauthorized Access

We see this every day. Someone requests ownership of your Google Business Profile claiming to be the owner! In some cases, we've seen the rightful owner give access by accident, but there are ways to take back control of your business profile if this happens.

User Management

Managing a Google Business Profiles can be time consuming, and not everyone is familiar with the inner workings of the "New" dashboard. However we'll be happy to help you add more than one manager, owner, or even change the primary owner.

Account Management

On top of helping you add or remove users, we can help you respond to customer reviews based on rating, share posts in the form of text, images or videos, respond to your Frequently Asked Questions based on keyword plus much more.

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Google Business Profile FAQs

If your business either has a physical location that customers can visit, or travels to customers where they are, you qualify for a Business Profile on Google.
If your business meets Google's requirements for a Google Business Profile, then yes, we can help you verify it. There are different options depending of your type of business but we won't know until we get started.
In most cases we can, however if your account is suspended due to the fact that it violates Google's policies or doesn't meet the requirements for a Google Business Profile then we won't be able to help.
It can be that someone hijacked your profile and you need to get it back, or there's misinformation posted on your profile and you don't know to to remove it, etc.
It means that we will provide the most basic but important information regarding your business. This includes your business name, address or main service area, phone number, business hours and main category.
Absolutely! The Profile is yours to manage 100% of the time, we either only set it up or request access in order to reinstate or fix issues, however we will always make you the Primary Owner once we are finished. Our Management plan requires us to be Primary Owner in order to help you keep your account safe.
Google provides access to more than one individual to every Google Business Profile, and each one can have 3 different types of access. This is useful when you want to hire a company or person to help you promote or update your profile. We can help you add and remove users as needed.
Yes! This may require a customized plan bases on your individual needs. Review and FAQ Management is unlimited as it's an automated tool.