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Most websites today need to be maintained and updated regularly, some times even daily! But the truth is that if you are like most business owners, you just don't have the time or expertise to keep up with the demands of website maintenance.

If you would rather spend your time and energy running and growing your business, then you need a webmaster you can trust and is affordable, like us!

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Top Webmaster Service Benefits

Platform Updates

Most websites are built using a Content Management System or CMS. A CMS can be compared to a mobile app on your phone. Apps need constant updating to ensure maximum performance and security, however you need to stay on top f them to ensure both.

Themes & Plugins

On top of your CMS needing constant performance and security updates, your website's theme and a plugins will also require updates on a regular basis. A theme gives your website its look while plugins enables its features. Some updates may break them!

System Upgrades

Technology is moving at neck-breaking speeds, and your system will also need updates once in a while. If you're using a popular CMS like WordPress, you'll also need to upgrade your server's backend (php version, etc) to ensure security and performance.

Bug Fixes

Frequent performance and security updates to your CMS, theme and plugins will introduce bugs to and even bring down your system. That means you'll need someone available to help you on short notice or better yet, test or perform these upgrades for you!


Just like with any computer system before any major upgrade, you need to ensure that your system or website is completely backed up just in case, otherwise you may end up with a broken website beyond repair. We can handle all these technical hassles.


Being informed is a very important aspect of running a website, however if you handle all the system updates and upgrades yourself, you have no one you can rely on to answer your questions in case something goes wrong or have a general website question.

Webmaster FAQs

Our most basic webmaster plan starts at $59/month and we have different plan options. This ensures you're system stays up to date. We also create restore points to ensure that we can always recover your system to a working version no matter what.
Hacks can happen anytime to anyone. Most websites have more than a single administrator, and a compromissed computer system or a weak password may be all it takes for your website to get hacked. What we do will ensure your website can be restored to a non-hacked version and fixed.
No. Some issues go beyond repairs, and that's why it's very important to create backups of your website or system before making changes or upgrades.
Unfortunately we need to have access to your website in order to make changes. Each project requires different type of access.
Hacking can mean someone figured out your wordpress, cpanel or domain registar login credentials, and whether it can be fixed or not depends on the degree of damage they caused.
There's a good chance we can if the website is being hosted on a reliable hosting company, but first we'd need to take a look at the options. We still charge for our time spent looking at recovery options.
It can in most cases. We look at all the options that may include communicating with the third party developer that created the plugin or the theme.
We can at an additional cost and with some limitations. We provide managed hosting plans at competitive costs, and we offer a few options based on your needs. Our most basic plan handles server side updates such as php, SSL, etc. Our Intermediate plan covers server side as well as platform side updates. These updates include updates to WordPress, your website theme and your plugins. The Pro plan will help you manage user access and content updates. Additional customization or pages and products is not covered by any of these plans. If you are hosting your website with a third party vendor you will have to check with us to see if you qualify or need this service.