Search Engine Optimization

Position your website on top SERPs with SEO

Are you tired of watching your beautiful website rank very poorly among search engine result pages or SERPs? Over 90% of search engine users will not go past the first results page, and most will only consider the top-3 results! If you are facing this difficult problem, the solution to boost your ranking is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO will position you page on the top search results, and with the proper ongoing strategy, enjoy this position for years to come.

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SEO Service Benefits

Website Analysis

Knowing what issues plague your current website will help you narrow down costs. Some websites have more and bigger issues than others, therefore the importance of performing a website analysis before starting an SEO campaign.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords have difficulty levels, and understanding your target keywords will give you an idea of the challenge. The more general the keyword, the harder it will be to rank. By performing an analysis you can find better keywords to rank for.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing correctly will help you navigate your way through search engine optimization. Not performing an analysis of their, some times hidden strategies, may leave you confused and frustrated.

Website Optimization

After your website analysis, the next step is to add, remove or fix whatever is necessary to have an SEO-friendly website. Website optimization involves a lot of work and the sooner you get started the better. Indexing will take time.

Content Optimization

Keyword and website analysis can help you better understand some of the challenges your website faces. Slow speeds due to large images, poor to no-written content and many other content factors will either help or hurt your organic rankings.

Structure Optimization

Speed and content quality can have a huge impact on your SEO rankings, and so will structural issues. There are some aspects of a website that are hidden to visitors and only visible to search engines, and you must optimize for them too!


Yes. There's also a setup period that may vary depending on the scope of the SEO project. The setup period may take a 7 days or up to 4 weeks. It's of uttermost importance to have your website at its optimal before you start getting website traffic derived from your SEO efforts, otherwise they may not convert.
Yes. SEO campaigns are about consistency and regular involvement. It's not required but highly suggested, particularly if you want to see better results for longer periods of time.
A very detailed analysis of many potential on-page issues, such as missing or misconfigured robots.txt file, slow server speed, broke links, etc. We check to make sure everything is in order before we start off-page optimization. This will ensure optimal results with no negative interference. For example, a misconfiguration of your robots.txt file could negatively affect the indexing of your website in a big way.
Our goal is to make sure you get great ROI, and in order to accomplish that, we must find the best keywords for your industry for your location. We will analyze, optimize and monitor up to 3 keyword per service page, and we rely on Google to provide us with valuable information used to figure out competitiveness.
We mean that we will look at your top 3 competitors and perform a manual analysis of what they've done and are doing to stay ahead of you. SEO involves many known and less known factors that must be taken into consideration. We use whatever information we gather to include in our SEO campaign for your business.
Our analysis will reveal any website issues that must be fixed. We will take care of all technicalities and make sure that once the process is started nothing has a negative impact on what we're trying to accomplish.
Yes! Fortunately there are many tools we can use to monitor and get daily reports of our progress. You can see where your website stands on a daily basis.
Results vary, however you can expect very positive results. We only work with companies we know we can help, and although we don't guarantee specific results, from experience we know we will meet and exceed your expectations.