Custom QR Codes

Scannable QR codes are here to stay

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the adoption of QR codes, and these codes have proven to be very useful, particularly for restaurants and businesses alike.

A QR code can save you money on printing costs, and you can promote them anywhere. Most modern phones come with QR code scanning software in their cameras, so you only need to open the phone's camera and point at it.

Let us save you money by creating you a QR code that generates statistics, offers geo and device targeting, URL shortener plus much more.

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Key Service Features

No Contracts

You can rest assured that we won't tie you to any contract. You'll have the freedom to cancel our service at any time you want, whether you think Facebook advertising is not for you, your ads aren't producing the results you want for your business or just because. No questions asked.

Your Budget

We setup and optimize your Facebook campaign - Objective, audience and ad set. But you decide how much to spend, how long to run your ads for and when to pause or cancel any ongoing campaign! Very affordable and you can control your ads from the convenience of your phone.

Custom Campaigns

If you're familiar with Facebook Ads, you may think that "Boosting" your posts is the best way of running ads to reach new customers. But how effective is it? Not very, and your competitors are using this technique! We do things different by using Facebook latest algorithms!

Conversion Tracking

There's no better way to track a successful advertising campaign than to see an increase in revenue, however we also want you to be able to track the success of your Facebook Ad campaign in numbers and statistics by setting up conversion tracking.

Leads Landing Page

There is so much competition out there, and for that reason we give you the option to have a "leads page" setup. Traffic from your ads will be directed there, and any time someone submits the form you'll get a text message and an email with their information.

Campaign Adjustments

Your subscription to our service will ensure that your ads are optimized month after month. You can also rest assured that we will make adjustments both on request, & as we see fit. You can consider us your Facebook Ads consultant! We're here to help!


Every project is different, and there's no "flat fee". Instead we charge an hourly rate and look at your individual requirements before providing you an estimate. The cost usually vary from less than $100 to potentially $1,000 or even more.
It comes down to the project requirements. It may be from 1 hour to days. The best way to find out is to request an estimate.
No. Some issues go beyond repairs, and that's why it's very important to create backups of your website or system before making changes or upgrades.
Unfortunately we need to have access to your website in order to make changes. Each project requires different type of access.
Hacking can mean someone figured out your wordpress, cpanel or domain registar login credentials, and whether it can be fixed or not depends on the degree of damage they caused.
There's a good chance we can if the website is being hosted on a reliable hosting company, but first we'd need to take a look at the options. We still charge for our time spent looking at recovery options.
It can in most cases. We look at all the options that may include communicating with the third party developer that created the plugin or the theme.
We can at an additional cost and with some limitations. We provide managed hosting plans at competitive costs, and we offer a few options based on your needs. Our most basic plan handles server side updates such as php, SSL, etc. Our Intermediate plan covers server side as well as platform side updates. These updates include updates to WordPress, your website theme and your plugins. The Pro plan will help you manage user access and content updates. Additional customization or pages and products is not covered by any of these plans. If you are hosting your website with a third party vendor you will have to check with us to see if you qualify or need this service.