Custom QR Codes

Scannable QR codes are here to stay

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the adoption of QR codes, and these codes have proven to be very useful, particularly for restaurants and businesses alike.

A QR code can save you money on printing costs, and you can promote them anywhere. Most modern phones come with QR code scanning software in their cameras, so you only need to open the phone's camera and point at it.

Let us save you money by creating you a QR code that generates statistics, offers geo and device targeting, URL shortener plus much more.

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Key Service Features

QR Codes

You can generate QR codes for your shortened urls as well as for other marketing campaigns. You can add a background image, customize its color or even upload your own business logo plus much more.

URL Shortener

Long urls are hard to remember and some times impossible to share. With our cloud url shortener service, you can shorten it, customize it, protect it with a password, set an expiration date and much more.

Bio Pages

A Bio Page is your own personalized link in a bio website with smart features designed to generate more engagement. You can customize it's look, url and add many available features including your own domain.

Device Targeting

You can create urls and qr codes that will target a user's personal device. You can se it up to direct people to a different page based on whether they are using an android phone or an iPhone plus more.

Geo Targeting

You can also use our system to target a person's geographical location. If the person visits your link from a different country outside the USA, you can use this feature to direct them to a different page.

Language Targeting

If you are a multilingual business and do business with people in different languages, you can target them by automatically directing them to a page with their respective language. It makes it much easier!


If you're planning on running paid advertising, such as Facebook or Google Ads, now you can increase their efficiency by implementing your pixel with your QR code or shortened url.


If you're big into statistics and tracking, now you can implement campaign parameters along with QR codes and shortened urls. You can increase efficiency while cutting costs.


Get detailed information as to number of shortened url clicks, device information, place of origin, recent activity, unique clicks and much more. New features are on the way!


This is a recurring payment, and you can choose either monthly or yearly.
You QR code and links may stop working. Once you see all the benefits that come with our system, you won't think about cancelling!
Yes! You can download a png, pdf or svg copy of your QR code. You can use this image on all your printed media.
Yes, it's an option, however you must be familiar with programming as this requires you to add some records to your DNS.
a bio page is a custom link that directs users to a profile page. You can customize this page with links to all your social media channels, accept PayPal payments, etc. You can check out our bio page here.
Yes. Click on the following link to see some statistics for one of our Indy customers.
The use the domain name because it's shorter. We are 100% in control of the entire system and this is not an affiliate or third party website.