Affordable Landing Pages

Get a budget-friendly landing page today!

We understand start-ups have limited budgets, but there's no reason not to get a domain name and a professionally designed landing page.

A landing page will make you look serious about your business and boost customer confidence. We can design a beautiful landing page in less than 24 hours! The best part is that you can convert this page into a fully customized website once any time you want.

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Key Website Features


More than half of your website visitors will be using their smart phones or tablets to browse around and find the information they need. We understand that, and that's why we only design 100% mobile friendly websites at no additional cost.

On-page SEO

Most web developers and website builders will offer you some sort of "SEO" or search engine optimization as an additional service or optional feature at an additional cost. We know this is a must-include service and we'll include it at no additional cost.


We provide you with data that may help you track your progress better. Getting a glimpse into your website daily traffic can help you get a better understanding on whether or not you're benefiting from your website or marketing campaigns, whichever they are.


Social network sharing options come integrated in every website we design. We understand the importance that social networks have today, and that's why we make it easy for your followers to share a link to your website with their friends.

Google Reviews

Whenever available, our websites will display your best Google reviews, and it will help you generate new ones. We understand the importance that they have on whether a potential customer will choose you or not, and we promote them for you.

Social Media Integration

We integrate your existing social media channels into your website. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram or others, we integrate them to ensure that your fans can have more than one option to find you or get the latest of what you got cooking up for them!


A landing page in this case is a single page that serves as the main website. The page displays all the necessary information about your business and can help you capture some information from your customers.
Yes you can request customizations for your landing page, however these customizations are limited and must have been discussed before. If you want something very specific, a custom website design plan may be the best option for you. Most of our clients have informational websites and they love them!
User Experience (UX), which translates as "Look & Feel". Specific features, integrations and platforms. There are limitations as to the number of pages and their layouts, etc.
Absolutely! We will provide you with unlimited access to your website once we receive the final payment. The website is 100% yours and you can add unlimited number of pages or products.
We can, however there maybe an additional cost. We will fix any issues that may arise within a 30-day period at no cost, however there will be an additional charge for additional pages, features, content, products, etc.
Yes. We guarantee that the website and its features are 100% bug-free or we will fix them at no cost. This guarantee is only good for 30-days (WordPress is regularly updating its platform, themes, plugins, etc) and is voided the moment a third party vendor or developer makes any modifications. We aso don't cover intentional or accidental changes such as deletion of pages or problems with your hosting company.
That depends on what platform your website was built. For example, there are 3 aspects of a WordPress website that may require updates for security reasons; The WordPress CMS, the WordPress Theme used for your website, and the WordPress Plugins. Shopify usually updates everything on their own and a custom html/php website is usually static.
Yes, you can upgrade any time. However please note that if you want to keep the same look and feel, then new website will stay in the same platform that you chose from the beginning.