Business Phone Numbers

Separate your business and personal number

Get a dedicated business phone number with the features of a professional phone system. No hardware, no additional apps to download and no contracts!

Would you like to offer clients the option between different languages, limit the time when your business phone rings, keep your cell phone number private, get voicemail, or just look like the professional business owner you are? Then you are at the right place!

Buy Business Number (317) 449-9277

Advantages of Our Business Phone Numbers

Dedicated Number

You no longer have to share your private phone number. You can have a business dedicated line that will keep it private and make you look professional. A dedicated line comes with many more perks, but this is one of the top reasons to have one!

Business Hours

Only accept calls when you're open for business. With our dedicated business phone number, your phone will ring when you want it to, and you don't have to worry about missing important business calls as you will still know who dialed!

Local Number

Do you have an out of state phone number? Or your area code is not the ideal for the service area you'd like to focus on? People trust local numbers better, and now you get the option to choose your area code. Get more than one number too!

SMS Forwarding

Customers can share text messages with you, and our system will forward both the contact information and the message users are sharing with you. This will allow you to receive important information through text messages while keeping your number private.

Multiple Users

If you choose our most popular plan option, you can forward calls and text messages to additional users simultaneously! Not only that, all your members will be able to make phone calls using your business number and receive voicemail notifications.

No Hardware

There's no need to buy, and carry around two devices to keep personal and business calls separated. Our business phone numbers will allow you to cut costs, avoid hardware headaches, and extend the reach and functionality you would get from buying an extra phone.

No Software

Mobile apps are great tools, however they take up space on your phone and limit functionality to the device they're installed on. Our system allows you to use any phone, on any platform and anywhere. No need to download, update or setup any application.

Caller ID

You can choose which number is shown on your phone's caller ID, every time you get a phone call on your business phone number. Displaying your business number will allow you to know where the call originates from and for which purposes, but the choice is yours.


Should you get a call outside of business hours, your phone won't ring, however you still get a text notification with the caller's phone number. If the caller decides to leave a voicemail, you will get an email notification with a link to their voicemail recording.

Business Phone Number Pricing

Our IVR is included with every plan

1 Dedicated Number* 500 Minutes/Messages $50 Setup Fee IVR 1 Member Business Hours Dial With Number SMS Forwarding Voicemail Branded Greetings Multilingual
1 Dedicated Number* 1000 Minutes/Messages $100 Setup Fee IVR Up-to 3 Members Business Hours Dial With Number SMS Forwarding Voicemail Branded Greetings Multilingual
1 Dedicated Number* 1500 Minutes/Messages $150 Setup Fee IVR Up-to 5 Members Business Hours Dial With Number SMS Forwarding Voicemail Branded Greetings Multilingual

*You can get additional numbers for $10 each number. Toll-free (844) numbers are also available at additional cost.

Business Phone Numbers FAQs

IVR stands for Interactive voice response. IVR is a technology that allows telephone users to interact with a computer-operated telephone system through the use of voice and DTMF tones input with a keypad.
Yes for an additional cost and it's only available for our business plan.
Yes, you can add additional phone numbers on the same IVR for an additional cost. There's no additional cost for setup.
You can take advantage of our phone number integration with two other systems, and you only pay for the setup! Our first system is for review generation, and the second is our form builder. These systems will allow you to use your minutes to send and receive messages that can help you grow your business.
No, they are voiceover and generated by computers. If you'd like to use a human recorded greeting you still can, however you will have to provide it to us.
Yes! We work with the best in technology. Big name brands such as Lyft, Airbnb, Yelp and many others rely on this technology to manage large quantities of users on a daily users and we use exactly the same!
We will charge you for every additional minute. In case this becomes the norm, we will recommend you upgrade to a bigger or customized plan. You can rest assured that we will still connect users with your business even if you go over your monthly quota.
No! There are no contracts to sign and you pay as you go.