Citation Cleanup

Fix inaccuracies & outdated business info

Businesses that have recently moved, changed website, phone number, or have recently undergone major updates can greatly benefit from this service.

Inaccurate or outdated information can negatively hurt your current SEO and Local SEO rankings and will definitely cause confusion and frustration among your customers.

Let us help you find and fix these inaccuracies. We will save you time and headaches!

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Key Service Benefits

Citation Audit

Performing a Citation Audit will help you understand the scope of the project. In order to eventually fix all your citations errors, you have to look at the top Data Aggregators, Data Accelerators and Data Enhancers.

Error Removal

The second step after performing an audit is to correct or fix all errors. The longer you wait the worst the issue may become. Taking prompt action will ensure that your customers find you and are able to contact you.

Duplicate Suppression

When misinformation is allowed to spread or propagate, there's an increase of chances that duplicate pages will popup. An audit will check for errors but also find potential variations or duplicates for the same business.

Up-to-date Information

It's highly recommended to update all your business information across networks and directories on the web every time you make major changes. Doing so will help you maintain your Google Rankings. Otherwise, you will have a negative Local SEO impact on your business.

NAP Consistency

NAP is short for Name, Address & Phone Number, the three most important pieces of business information potential clients are looking for. Ensuring that these are the same across directories and social networks may boost your local rankings.

Citation Management

Just like when you purchase citation building from us, citation cleanup will allow you to take control of every directory and social network we cleanup. You can then enjoy all the benefits that come with it, including delegating access to other parties and running paid ads.

Citation Cleanup

Starting at only $70/Hour


Yes, We do Citation Audit on our own in the process of cleanup. To collect the existing citations of your business from the search engines.
No, only those that provide us with the option to manage the information or suggest edits. We can try to fix inaccuracies in a very specific website, however we can't make guarantees.
First we do citation audit to find as many websites with inaccuracies as possible, then we start cleanup process. The best option is to manually fix any ongoing issue, however some directories don't offer this option, in which case we suggest edits. There's also another strategy we use to propagate your most recent and accurate information.
Usually it take 7-10 days to get the listings updated as we contact the directories through various sources. If you have any login information of the directories we can update them immediately.
Citation cleanup is one the most important process in local business SEO to maintain NAP consistency. Having consistent NAP on citations will increase you Google rankings as well as your customers get a correct information of your business, which helps in increasing your sales.
It can be a one time-payment, however please note that this process is time consuming and may require two or three campaigns to fix all existing issues.