Google Ads

Give your campaigns the upgrade they need

When you work with us, you work with a Google Ads Certified Manager & Google Partner.

We think, plan and work for you, building strategies and tactics to achieve your core goals and optimal profits. Our Google Ads Management methods harness different campaign types and digital channels to help you stay ahead of the competition and get the best results.

We can help your business develop an efficient paid advertising strategy and set up your ad accounts for optimal performance and maximum impact.

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Key Service Features

Market Analysis

You can rest assured that we won't tie you to any contract. You'll have the freedom to cancel our service at any time you want, whether you think Facebook advertising is not for you, your ads aren't producing the results you want for your business or just because. No questions asked.

Competitor Analysis

We setup and optimize your Facebook campaign - Objective, audience and ad set. But you decide how much to spend, how long to run your ads for and when to pause or cancel any ongoing campaign! Very affordable and you can control your ads from the convenience of your phone.

Keyword Analysis

If you're familiar with Facebook Ads, you may think that "Boosting" your posts is the best way of running ads to reach new customers. But how effective is it? Not very, and your competitors are using this technique! We do things different by using Facebook latest algorithms!

Campaign Setup

There's no better way to track a successful advertising campaign than to see an increase in revenue, however we also want you to be able to track the success of your Facebook Ad campaign in numbers and statistics by setting up conversion tracking.


There is so much competition out there, and for that reason we give you the option to have a "leads page" setup. Traffic from your ads will be directed there, and any time someone submits the form you'll get a text message and an email with their information.

Granular Approach

Your subscription to our service will ensure that your ads are optimized month after month. You can also rest assured that we will make adjustments both on request, & as we see fit. You can consider us your Facebook Ads consultant! We're here to help!


In this case, we mean Facebook and Instagram DM or direct messaging. It's the ability to automate your pages and provide feedback or gather information about anyone interested in interacting with your messenger.
Yes. We charge a small monthly fee for using our systems, however the usage is unlimited.
Our platform is designed for easy of use. You simple login with Facebook, connect your account, connect your page and bot, and that's all. We have chat templates you can use. If you need help then we add an additional charge.
Yes, you just got to signup for the right plan.
Yes, you just need the appropriate plan to do so.
Yes! You can autoreply, auto comment, schedule posts, etc.
100%! You can rest assured that we use Facebook's official APIs for everything from DMs to posting across your Pages.
You can connect your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) and get statistics, schedule posts and automatically respond to reviews based on rating. You can also share content across a few other channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.