Online Food Ordering

Commission free online food ordering

If there's something we've learn from the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic is that a restaurant without an online ordering option can quickly come to the brink of bankruptcy. Don't let that happen to your restaurant!

Our online ordering system will allow your customers order online for takeout, curbside pickup, delivery & more. There are no contracts to sign and no commissions for us! That means you keep 100% of your profits earn through your hard labor.

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Online Food Ordering Features


Now you can use the same great online ordering system as a POS or Point of Sale system for your restaurant. No additional hardware is necessary! You can rely on the same notification system to keep your customers up-to-date as to their order status.


Our powerful merchant dashboard will allow you to stay in full control of your online ordering system. You have 24/7 control and access to food prices, ordering availability, bookings, offers and much more. The best part is that it's commission free!

Ordering Options

Customers can place their orders for pick-up, dine-in or for delivery. It comes down to which options you'd like to offer. You customers can get real-time notifications for their orders, so they can know when it's time to leave home or when their food in on their way!

Pause Ordering

We know restaurants, and we understand that rush hour can be chaotic and an inconvenience, that's the reason our system allows you to pause and resume online food ordering system as and when needed. It only takes a click of a button for you to pause and resume.

Online Ordering

Customers can visit a webpage from which they can place their order online for your specific location. If available, we can add ordering links on your website, as well as your directories and social media channels. Our system is 100% mobile friendly!

Push Notifications

Every time someone places an order, both you as the merchant and your customer will receive real time notifications. Our system also allows you to send real time updates regarding customer orders, from when orders are received to when orders are ready.

Online Reservations

Online reservations is an additional and optional feature you can take advantage of. our online reservations system allows you to setup limits, accept or decline request, or completely turn on and off online reservations as needed.


Everyone loves great deals, and you can attract new customers, or entice existing ones to visit or frequent your restaurant by offering discounts with every purchase. Our system offers this option at no additional cost for your convenience.

Instant Refunds

No one likes unhappy customers, and although unfortunate, you will have to deal with them when running a restaurant. With our system you can diminish their disatisfaction by offering instant refunds! It's optional and you're 100% in control.

Online Food Ordering FAQs

Yes. We never charge you or your customers any commissions. We offer a flat fee service, however we are also in the process of implementing a commission base option for anyone wanting to try the system..
We don't offer delivery service.
Yes. We charge you a flat fee to setup your menu. Once the menu is setup you have the option to update it your self or pay the same fee every time you need to update it, which on average is once a year.
Yes. We have both a user and a merchant app. Users can download the app on their phones and place orders through there. You can install the merchant app on any devices. The app enables you to receive notifications.
To find out more, please visit the official page at
We currently don't offer this option.
The basic plan is only $29 per month, but we have additional options for businesses looking to use additional services such as digital marketing, etc.
No. Its based on a monthly basis and you can cancel at any time. Please note that we offer no refunds.