Cloud application development

Protect your important data from loss

Cloud apps can help you run your business more efficiently. There are many types of cloud apps, some for invoicing, booking, human resources plus much more.

A cloud application will help you share access to information with others, it will make accessing this data easy, and they may even offer protection against data loss or damage. Native iOS or Android apps are great, however they have the risk of data loss if your device is damaged, lost or stolen.

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Main Benefits of Cloud Apps

Data Protection

There are things you can't afford to lose, such as leads information, invoice records, user data, etc, and all this is possible when you use a native iOS or Android app, as many of these apps store this information on your actual device instead of the cloud, making it vulnerable.

Data Syncronization

Just like with data loss, most native apps don't offer cross platform synchronization, limiting your data to a single device or platform. Cloud applications solve this problem by allowing you to access all database information from any device with a browser and an internet connection.

Development Time

Unlike native apps, a cloud app uses a responsive interface that will adapt to any device with a browser, making it faster to develop. No waiting time for native app development and testing, waiting for approval, and having to submit the same app over and over after every major update.

Lower Cost

Native apps involve many technicalities and you have to develop a single app for each platform, and unless you're a full-stack app developer, you will need to hire someone almost full time to develop and deploy your apps. This can be very costly. Cloud apps will save you money.


You can brand your cloud applications and you use the same for your users. Unlike native apps you didn't develop yourself, you can display your logo, business information and much more. No need to grow third party apps popularity when you can create brand recognition.

Multiple Users

Cloud apps are great for teams, as you can provide partners, workers and clients with different levels of access. A cloud app will make cooperation and communication between multiple users, across different time zones or locations a breeze. You will always keep control of everyone too!


Every project is different, and there's no "flat fee". If you're looking to develop an app only for personal use we can look into the hundreds of dollar, however if you're looking to use it as a SaaS, it can be thousands..
It comes down to the project requirements. It may be from days to weeks or even months.
It depends on your hosting provider and the system. We work with top hosting providers and enable all safety measurements to ensure data protection, however no system is foolproof.
Yes! We have developed several systems we resell. We have url shortners with QR codes, chatbots, online food ordering, etc. You can too!
No. The system doesn't come with a native Android app. We may be able to develop an app for it, but it comes at additional costs.
No. The system doesn't come with a native iOS app. We may be able to develop an app for it, but it comes at additional costs.
Yes, but unlike native iOS and Android apps, it's not as expensive, as often or as tedious. Development is usually necessary when you want to add new features or there's an update to a third party API.
It's optional but not always necessary or possible. There's also additional costs. Cloud apps are systems available to anyone with a browser and internet and the UX is responsive, which means works on any device.